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Our flagship 1-year scaling up program, “TechXcelerate,” stands as a beacon for ambitious B2B SaaS companies seeking to ascend to new heights of growth. This comprehensive program is meticulously curated to provide you with personalized coaching, mentorship, and a treasure trove of proven methodologies and strategies.

Program Focus and Purpose:

Scaling up a B2B SaaS company is an intricate journey, demanding a holistic and strategic approach. “TechXcelerate” is purpose-built to accelerate this process, guiding you through the intricacies of scaling while effectively translating your strategies into impactful actions. Whether you’re on the cusp of rapid expansion or navigating the challenges of growth, this program equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary for enduring success.

Guiding Growth in 9 Key Areas

Define your growth goals

How goals should be aligned with your business vision and mission, and how to serve as a guide for your scaling efforts.

Importance of Personal Leadership

Understand how personal leadership can impact your business growth. Learn how to motivate and guide your team towards achieving goals

Expanding Your Customer Base & Investing in Customer Success

This covers strategies to acquire and retain customers, and ensure their satisfaction for SaaS businesses

Target Market

Learn how to define and identify your target market. Understand the importance of segmenting customers to better tailor your product offerings. Develop strategies to focus sales and marketing efforts on your target customers

Leading a
High-Performance Team

 Understand the key components of building a high-performance team. Learn how to recruit and develop talent to support growth.Develop strategies to foster collaboration and innovation within the team

Your Product

Learn how to continuously improve your product to meet evolving customer needs. Understand the importance of addressing customer feedback and incorporating it into product development. Develop strategies to add new features and improve user experience

Building a Sales and Marketing Engine

Understand the components of a successful sales and marketing strategy. Learn how to build a sales team and invest in digital marketing. Develop strategies to establish partnerships with other businesses.

of Growth

Learn how to manage growth effectively and navigate through uncertainty. Understand the psychological impact of change on individuals and teams. Develop strategies to build resilience and lead through change

Your Operations

Understand the importance of scalability and efficiency in operations. Learn how to invest in automation and streamline processes. Develop strategies to hire the right talent to support growth

Our vision is to empower future leaders in the tech industry through personal growth, driving positive change and growth in the industry, with the belief that growing as leaders fuels company success.

— Jeroen Nieuwenhuijsen —

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